As he floated along the surface, with his head in the clear blue water, he gazed at the multi-coloured corals below. They looked amazing. How were they so beautiful? Were they really alive? Could they sense him floating above? Why was the water so clear? So many questions had popped up in his mind as he entered the water earlier. He even had wanted to identify the different corals he had read up on the chart, from back on the boat. But none of them mattered to him anymore. Not here. Not now.

                                                                                                    – Excerpt from Key West: Surreality

So, I wanted to write a small travelogue of my trip to the USA. What began as the re-telling of one small incident soon transformed into a story. Written in the third person, this story follows our protagonist; He, who travels to some of the biggest cities including Miami and Vegas, exploring them, the culture, hanging out with the locals and more importantly chasing experiences.

I have tried to incorporate information regarding the sights and must-have food in each city as part of the story itself. It felt natural and frankly more honest. You will also find important links to popular places within the story, should you need more information.
Now, while the people, the places, and the experiences are real, I have taken liberty with character portrayal, names, and some dialogues. All photographs in each chapter are taken by me except for the girl in the white bikini. That is of Alexis Ren.

I hope you enjoy reading this travel story as much as I did while writing it. Please feel free to reach out to me for any feedback that you would like to give. If you like the story, then I request you to please share the same with your friends.
Oh, and if you need help figuring out your itinerary around Miami and Vegas, leave me a message and we can work it out together.
Happy stories.


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