The Frequent Flyer

Travails of a Travelling Salesman

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Don’t dos for an amateur interviewer

Taking interviews can be stressful and pain-staking. So, here are some quick tips for the amateur interviewer. 1. Don’t worry about the accent of the candidate. Understand that India has more than 29 languages and god-knows-how many dialects. Different candidates will speak the same language differently. It is wise to not laugh when words like […]

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The dress code dilemma

Remember this? Sid’s first day at work. Sid, from Wake up Sid. Well, that’s me every Monday morning.Well apart from the negligible physical differences, I’m Sid at that very moment, every Monday morning. It goes on till Friday. No, my dad does not own a MNC, but I feel exactly what Sid feels right then. Out […]

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The IT life

This one’s for you Adi!.. (And let me thank tippu before he accuses me of plagiarism) And as for the title, no this isn’t inspired by neel’s blog. Ever peeped into the inbox of s/w engineer? If you haven’t, then picture this. 3 kinds of mails 1. Work related mails 2. Forwards on how dumb […]

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