Her top was off already and she was now removing her jeans. Strangely her red cap and sunglasses continued to stay on. As the she stood up and folded her jeans carefully into her bag, she paused to take a sip from her can of Diet Coke. He meanwhile wondered whether it was wise to drink anything […]



20 f***ing 9 That age is mine. 20 f***ing 9 In my 20’s the last time. 20 f***ing 9 is when every single time I really get annoyed when people just sit and whine. Most friends are now married. Some of them even carried. Not just family or friends, but even ex-girlfriends are worried. They […]

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Poem for a Passenger

Happy New Year Halfway into the first month, I understand, that my timing is completely off, but nevertheless, wish me back you! I have been trying to blog regularly. I’ve been trying very hard. There was even that, one time, when my best friend decided to blog on a topic that I had planned to […]

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