Waking up in Vegas

Somewhere in between…

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The World’s best Shawarma

Discalimer: This post contains non-vegetarian products. I mean no harm or disrespect to any religious community or sect. Please do not start a Facebook campaign to discourage the consumption of shawarma, after reading this. “Eda Sangeethey, do you have any curfew?” Prasanth  asked. “umm… curfew.. no da.” Atleast, that’s what I thought. Three years in […]

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Just another party in the city

Ragini had planned the perfect celebration. A candle-lit dinner, with her boyfriend Mehul and some close friends, at her house. The perfect 1st anniversary celebration. Except she hadn’t anticipated Hawaldar Rao and his colleague Chandra Reddy inviting themselves over. Apparently the inspectors had paid them a visit, after noticing couple of cars parked outside a […]

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