Linkin Park & Me

This one’s for your Chester

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The World’s best Shawarma

Discalimer: This post contains non-vegetarian products. I mean no harm or disrespect to any religious community or sect. Please do not start a Facebook campaign to discourage the consumption of shawarma, after reading this. “Eda Sangeethey, do you have any curfew?” Prasanth  asked. “umm… curfew.. no da.” Atleast, that’s what I thought. Three years in […]

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Me in Muscat!!

I’m in Muscat. Yes, after nearly 9 months, I have finally returned home, to meet my wonderful family. Feels great to be back home. It’s like a well deserved break. Though technically, I wasn’t doing much work in Bangalore, but nevertheless, it’s a well deserved break. It feels amazing to be back here. Muscat is […]

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