Happy Valentine’s Day Soldier

DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction and mindless humour. I  love women and have the utmost degree of respect for the womenfolk. WARNING: However, if you are female, you are better off skipping this one.  Soldier, You’ve let me down son and probably haven’t realized it yet. Maybe you didn’t see the signs, or perhaps […]

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Just another scribble…

I scribble a lot. On notepads, desks, blackboards, any clean space for that matter. Most of them don’t make sense often. I was punished (had to stand facing the wall for half and hour 🙂 ) couple of times, for scribbling on the wall. You’re probably saying, been there, done that,  right now. Anyways, this […]

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A revival of hope, love and life

It’s amazing what the combination of wind, music and sunlight, in perfect proportions can do when you’re feeling the blues. I was feeling it; The Bangalore Blues. 😛 I was in a pathetic state. So pathetic that the sun annoyed me. I hated the rain. I felt cold, isolated, and downright hopeless. I wanted to […]

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Life ain’t a love story

STATUTORY WARNING: Contains profanity and ethical hedonism It’s like those days, when u feel something pathetic is in the air. It’s like those days, when u feel nothing is working out the way you want. You are addicted to it and is consuming you even though you are the one breathing the air in. Consciously, […]

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