20 f***ing 9 That age is mine. 20 f***ing 9 In my 20’s the last time. 20 f***ing 9 is when every single time I really get annoyed when people just sit and whine. Most friends are now married. Some of them even carried. Not just family or friends, but even ex-girlfriends are worried. They […]

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Wild Winter Ride 3.0

Prologue: The dawn had begun to break. We were thirty minutes behind schedule. The december morning was chilly and the fog had not lifted off yet. The air smelt fresh. As I stood over the parapet outside Shenaz’s house, I gazed at the VW Polo parked downstairs. Bright red, she looked very pretty. It had […]

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Legend of the Crew

This is a work of fiction. It was one of those nights. The festivities were over and so were the sweets. The weekend was over and now He was bored. Plain and simple. He got out of bed. Walked over to T’s room to make a random conversation. “I don’t get it man, What’s the […]

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Happy Valentine’s Day Soldier

DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction and mindless humour. I  love women and have the utmost degree of respect for the womenfolk. WARNING: However, if you are female, you are better off skipping this one.  Soldier, You’ve let me down son and probably haven’t realized it yet. Maybe you didn’t see the signs, or perhaps […]

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Just another scribble…

I scribble a lot. On notepads, desks, blackboards, any clean space for that matter. Most of them don’t make sense often. I was punished (had to stand facing the wall for half and hour 🙂 ) couple of times, for scribbling on the wall. You’re probably saying, been there, done that,  right now. Anyways, this […]

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A revival of hope, love and life

It’s amazing what the combination of wind, music and sunlight, in perfect proportions can do when you’re feeling the blues. I was feeling it; The Bangalore Blues. 😛 I was in a pathetic state. So pathetic that, the sun annoyed me. I hated the rain. I felt cold, isolated, and downright hopeless. I wanted to […]

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