Poem for a Passenger

Happy New Year Halfway into the first month, I understand, that my timing is completely off, but nevertheless, wish me back you! I have been trying to blog regularly. I’ve been trying very hard. There was even that, one time, when my best friend decided to blog on a topic that I had planned to […]

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Wild Winter Ride 2.0 Part 2

Day1, 7:00 am 5 kms from Vivanta by Taj, Yeshwantpur With Priya on the pillion seat , I was cruising  at about 70 kmph. It was a misty morning and the Bangalore-Tumkur highway laid out it’s 4 lanes ahead of me. A few lorries gave us company. As we crossed the 2nd toll booth, I decided […]

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Wild Winter Ride 2.0 Part 1

Day 1, 11:45 pm As I glanced in the rear view mirror I saw nothing but black. Upfront the only source of light was the one from the headlamp. Tall trees grew like walls on either side of the road. The road, It wasn’t great ether. There were sections where the road was literally broken, […]

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