20 f***ing 9 That age is mine. 20 f***ing 9 In my 20’s the last time. 20 f***ing 9 is when every single time I really get annoyed when people just sit and whine. Most friends are now married. Some of them even carried. Not just family or friends, but even ex-girlfriends are worried. They […]

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I wish i didn’t remember

MORAL DISCALIMER: Doing drugs is uncool. Doing someone, isn’t. What i’ve written is a result of boredom. Replicating events mentioned below would probably get you in jail, or worse still, in hell. STATUTORY WARNING :Contains profanity and Mary Jane. 9:30 pm A girl in her early twenties opened the door. Dressed, in a white sleeveless […]

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Life ain’t a love story

STATUTORY WARNING: Contains profanity and ethical hedonism It’s like those days, when u feel something pathetic is in the air. It’s like those days, when u feel nothing is working out the way you want. You’re addicted to it, its consuming you even though you’re breathing the air in. Consciously, you know you’re killing yourself […]

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