Legend of the Crew

This is a work of fiction. It was one of those nights. The festivities were over and so were the sweets. The weekend was over and now He was bored. Plain and simple. He got out of bed. Walked over to T’s room to make a random conversation. “I don’t get it man, What’s the […]

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Don’t dos for an amateur interviewer

Taking interviews can be stressful and pain-staking. So, here are some quick tips for the amateur interviewer. 1. Don’t worry about the accent of the candidate. Understand that India has more than 29 languages and god-knows-how many dialects. Different candidates will speak the same language differently. It is wise to not laugh when words like […]

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A drive down memory lane

8:30 am, NH 7— I had been waiting, since the past 15 minutes, carrying a black bag and waving my arms like a traffic policeman, in an attempt to stop almost anything on wheels for a lift. I thought about my boss, who was probably going to blow her head off, when I reach. But […]

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