20 f***ing 9 That age is mine. 20 f***ing 9 In my 20’s the last time. 20 f***ing 9 is when every single time I really get annoyed when people just sit and whine. Most friends are now married. Some of them even carried. Not just family or friends, but even ex-girlfriends are worried. They […]

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Legend of the Crew

This is a work of fiction. It was one of those nights. The festivities were over and so were the sweets. The weekend was over and now He was bored. Plain and simple. He got out of bed. Walked over to T’s room to make a random conversation. “I don’t get it man, What’s the […]

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Wild Winter Ride 2.0 Part 2

Day1, 7:00 am 5 kms from Vivanta by Taj, Yeshwantpur With Priya on the pillion seat , I was cruising  at about 70 kmph. It was a misty morning and the Bangalore-Tumkur highway laid out it’s 4 lanes ahead of me. A few lorries gave us company. As we crossed the 2nd toll booth, I decided […]

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I wish i didn’t remember

MORAL DISCALIMER: Doing drugs is uncool. Doing someone, isn’t. What i’ve written is a result of boredom. Replicating events mentioned below would probably get you in jail, or worse still, in hell. STATUTORY WARNING :Contains profanity and Mary Jane. 9:30 pm A girl in her early twenties opened the door. Dressed, in a white sleeveless […]

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