Linkin Park & Me

This one’s for your Chester

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20 f***ing 9 That age is mine. 20 f***ing 9 In my 20’s the last time. 20 f***ing 9 is when every single time I really get annoyed when people just sit and whine. Most friends are now married. Some of them even carried. Not just family or friends, but even ex-girlfriends are worried. They […]

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Originally posted on Reasonably Ludicrous:
A handy list of Do’s an Don’t’s! DO Wander around your apartment in your underwear. Or, if you’re feeling ‘ballsy,’ completely naked! Your girlfriend was the one who always wanted you to “put some clothes on, for god’s sake.” You thought that was counterproductive–she was just going to take them…

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A flyer for the DMC*

You can always associate one of the following things with our kind. Curly hair Passport Alcohol We chetanmaars (brothers) take our drinking seriously. Unlike some of our rivals from the north, we do not prefer the company of women, over, alcohol and a plate of kozhi roast (tandoori chicken). Nor, do we need a swanky […]

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