Main hoon kaauunn…??

Sangeet. That’s my name and this is where I replicate my version of things that happen around me.

You must be informed before hand, that being regular at this isn’t something I’m good at.

What you read here isn’t a complete work of fiction. Nor is it the kaddva sachhu (bitter truth). Its pretty much a 50-50 biscuit of the both.

Does it matter to me what you think of my blog?. Not at all Of course it does, else all this would have been top secret stuff. Do drop a comment on what you thought of my blog, now and then. If nothing, it would make a chubby dude, sitting half-way across the globe, happy, and I’m not speaking about me…

I have a six pack. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Main hoon kaauunn…??

  1. This is an old post da (something i wrote back in march’09). I just put this onto a different page, on a different blog.

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