He was happy that they chose an Airbnb to stay over a hotel. This felt cosy. D had even prepared breakfast. Bread, eggs and juice. It wasn’t fancy but it worked out really cheap and was as tasty as eggs could be. He stepped outside onto the porch to skype his dad. It was a beautiful day. The sky was a fantastic shade of blue and the sunshine felt light. D stood by the road, busy on the phone in one hand while he held a glass of orange juice and balanced a lit cigarette skilfully, with his left. They exchanged head nods ‘Good Morning. Wassup? Slept well?’
He dialled his dad. No answer. It was past 11 pm, back in Muscat. Dad was probably asleep. He tried calling mum and his sister but in vain. Dejected, He recorded a video of the neighbourhood and uploaded it to the ‘Family’ WhatsApp group.



Miami is a party city with a huge Latin influence. And this transcends across every aspect of the city. The food, the music, the fashion and obviously the women. The beaches were spectacular but crowded, not that He complained.  After a walk along the lazy south beach, they decided to take a half-day tour of the city with one of the tour operators.
From ancient hotels, huge bungalows turned museums and massive baths, Miami boasted of a culture very rich in history and design. As they drove by localities lined with houses and hotels that once belonged to legendary designers, He pretended to understand why they preferred to settle here. They stopped by Little Havana, a town Cubans had immigrated to ages ago, had  Cuban coffee, bought cigars and ate delicious empanadas from the El Pub Restaurant. Later in the evening, they took a cruise across the waterways checking out gorgeous houses, that He had seen only in music videos, ones that belonged to famous celebrities like JLo, Michael Jordan etc. Each house more glorious than the other and each having their own boat to get to the mainland. This is probably what being rich meant, He thought while clicking pictures boringly. He made a mental note to not recommend the cruise to his friends visiting Miami. But just then noticed how the air was cooler and the skies had turned a shade of crimson.
As he peered into the viewfinder, out in the distance, the sun had just begun to dip behind the gorgeous Miami skyline.










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