He was awake and she didn’t know it.

His eyes followed her shape as she walked around. As they adjusted to the sunlight, He saw her clearly. There she stood, her gorgeous body glistening in the sunlight, in that white bikini he had seen earlier. Standing cross-legged, with her back towards him, water trickled down from her wet blonde hair, across her waist, over the curvature and finally dripped onto the wooden flooring.  Lost in thought, she stretched her hands upwards relaxing her muscles and her slender body, slowly.


He closed his eyes.

21:00 hrs, previous night

After a four-hour bus ride from Orlando, they finally checked in to their Airbnb stay at South Beach. Miami had been awesome so far. The weather was great. The Latin-American culture, the Cuban cuisine, the Spanish houses, all gave out good vibes. By night, the streets lit up and gave way to the fabulous Miami nightlife. As the three of them made their way through the busy sidewalk, scanning each restaurant and avoiding being pulled in by the pretty concierges, the music grew louder and the night grew longer. They finally settled in for dinner at a Cuban restaurant.




Miami was touristy but in a good way, he thought to himself as He walked out of the restaurant into the nippy night. D and N were standing by the signal at the end of the street and were busy checking their phones. As He walked towards them, he noticed two gorgeous women walking from the right. The one on the left had red hair while the other wore black shorts and had a crescent-shaped bindi on her forehead. As their paths crossed, time froze. The girl with the bindi looked up, made eye contact, smiled and said hi. Unaware that he had stopped midway and was staring, He barely managed a ‘Hey‘ as he turned around to see them walking away, fashionably. Maybe there was a such a thing as love at first sight after all.

O’ Hero, kya plan hai kal ka? Beach pe yahi timepass ya aur bhi kuch karna hai?‘ asked N
‘There’s a lot to do bro. People here are so nice and warm’ He replied, waking up from the trance and catching another glimpse of the trippers now far away.
Hot hai saale, warm nahi.‘ said N as he noticed whom He referred to ‘But coming back to tomorrow’s agenda; It’s going to be really sunny and I don’t know how we shall get around the city because we don’t have a car. Moreover,  we also need to make time for the Key West trip which will take an entire day.’
D, being his nonchalant self, blew a puff from a cigarette that he had lit and nodded his head in agreement with N. ‘Dekh bhai, rest zaroori hai. Ek beer marte hain aur ghar chalte hain. Tomorrow morning fresh hoke Miami ghoomte hain.
Worried, He cut short D. ‘Arey but  I don’t want to sleep now. I mean we are in Miami, finally, and the clubs here are open till 4am. For a Bangalorean, that’s epic shiz. Ek beer se kya hoga? We have to celebrate our first night in Miami!He complained loudly.
Not wanting to miss the pedestrian signal N began crossing the road, as he said ‘Acha bhai do (2) beer maar lena. Ab chalo‘.

Irritatingly, He flipped out his phone to check for unread messages and followed D and N.  He was annoyed that both of them wanted to sleep. There weren’t any new messages but an unread Facebook notification remained and as He opened the app, he heard someone shout. He looked up to see a man on the other side of the road shouting at him with his hand pointed to the left. A yellow taxi, with beaming white lights, was headed straight at Him, in the middle of the road. Instinctively, He sprinted towards the other side only to realise that the driver had turned the taxi and was now headed towards the old man on the sidewalk, which was exactly where He was headed to.

The taxi was going to crash into Him and the old man.


He opened his eyes.
She had jumped into the clear blue water and was clearly enjoying herself. She swam like a fish. A long, beautiful one. She turned around and with that same devilish smile, he had seen before, stretched her left arm out and signalled Him to join her.

Smiling, He stood up, walked over and switched off the power button on the TV.


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