‘Dude, don’t die here!’ shouted N.

D looked bad. Like really bad. This was their first day in the United States and one of them had fallen terribly ill in less than seven hours. Orlando wasn’t nearly as fun as it was made out to be. Maybe because it was a Monday. They had been walking for nearly two hours now and He felt he had seen everything this place had to offer; the park, the lake, the swans, the clean roads, the big buildings, the restaurants and the pubs. They were back at the sushi place they had walked right by after dinner earlier. ‘Is this it?‘ He had wondered as he joined D and N after clicking another picture.

“Fuck! I’m beat dude. It’s too cold and I think I’m coming down with something bad,” said D as he struggled to light a cigarette in the windy city.
“Baba, you are down already. This weather and that long journey have messed you up properly. On top of that tho you are smoking. You aren’t getting better from this.” N annoyingly cribbed on.

The streets seemed deserted and the restaurants were closing for the night. His perception of the happening Downtown Orlando was shattered. “Well, it is 11 pm. Maybe we should grab a few drinks in some of the pubs we walked by. That should make things better I guess. Moreover, first night shots, right guys?” He said as he pulled out his cell phone which was now buzzing with notifications. His phone had automatically connected to the free WiFi from the Sushi place.
D meanwhile, was smoking his Made in India, Wills Classic cigarette. “I think we should just head back to the hotel. Dekh bhai, abhi sote hain. Kal fresh hoke Shamu ko dekhne chalte hain.  (See dude, let’s get some sleep. We’ll be fresh in the morning to visit Shamu)We need the energy for the entire day at Sea World tomorrow

Shamu at Sea World sounded fun – especially as he had never seen a whale before. Moreover, He was in no mood to argue. Slipping his phone back into his left pocket, he looked up with the camera in his hand. Both N and D were checking their messages on their cell phone. He scanned around. The street was pretty yet deserted. In the distance stood a guy, tall and bare-chested – supposedly out on a run. The runner had stopped to speak to a tall blonde girl who was walking her dog. She was in her running shorts and a sports bra. Weird, He thought as he stood on the yellow street, covered in a leather jacket, gloves, a skull cap and still complaining about the cold windy city while two barely clothed runners exchanged numbers. Maybe He too should remove his jacket he thought.

“O’ hero, my ass is frozen. We are heading to the hotel, are you coming kya?” asked N shaking Him out of his train of thought.

“Are you guys sure? I mean this place might get happening if we hang around for a bit.” He asked as he took aim and peered into the viewfinder. The runners had disappeared, the street was once again empty and only the lights remained. He clicked a picture and turned around as he hadn’t heard N reply to him.
They were walking already.

Fuck it. Might as well recharge the batteries.’ He said to himself as he sprinted to catch up with D and N.


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