Waking up in Vegas



His feet felt cold. Perhaps that’s why he woke up in the first place. As he slowly opened his eyes, he saw the lights shine through the window on the left. The Vegas High Roller looked nice behind the blue walls of the hotel. Funnily enough, he hadn’t seen it while he checked in.
He sat up on the bed. His head felt heavy. As he walked up to the window, he took his phone out of his left pocket, clicked a picture and Instagrammed it immediately. #roomwithaview #vegasbaby

He still felt cold. Stretching his hand towards the sofa on his right, next to the window he picked up his t-shirt, wore it and slouched into the sofa, with his left leg over his right. His phone vibrated. Someone had probably liked his last Instagram update. As he unlocked his phone and peered into the screen, he noticed something on the far end of the bed. He walked over for a closer look.
It was purple in colour and it did not make sense.
And then it hit him.

That was a dress and this wasn’t his room.


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