The Frequent Flyer

Happy New Year

Nearly 3 years ago, I took up a challenging role at work that required me to travel. I became a salesman. I figured stepping out of my comfort zone might teach me a thing or two in addition to me getting to travel across the country.

Among the other things that changed, I now had a monthly travel plan. A common question I get asked is ‘How often do you travel?’
Being the last day of the year, I was in a retrospective mood yesterday and did the math to find out for myself.

The data below is from October of 2013- It’s when I took up the new role.

Sl.No. Year # of Flights Total Air Time (hrs) Hotel Nights
1 2013 6 11 6
2 2014 20 48 12
3 2015 38 50.5 27
4 2016 54 134 46
TOTAL 118 243.5 91

Ok, so what does this mean?

Last year, I was on a flight every week. Almost.
In 2016, I spent more than a month and a half sleeping in hotels.
Over the last few years, I’ve stayed in about 30 different hotels.
I have spent nearly 11 entire days in the air since October 2013.
Oh and clearly, this means I have had a lot of bad meals!

Of course this doesn’t account for the amount of time I have actually spent waiting for flights. So let’s add that up.
I generally reach the airport 1.5 hours before the flight.
On average it takes me 1.1 hours of travel time to the airport.

Total Airport Wait Time (hours) 177
Airport Travel Time (hours) 129.8

That translates to 306.8 hours. Which simply means I have spent more time waiting for flights than actually being on one.

As expected, my social media updates have also hit a new low over the years. There are more photographs of empty hotel corridors and airplane wings than landscapes or people.

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Oh but I do take pride, weirdly so, in the fact that I have had the three meals in three different countries in the same day.


In the beginning, most of this was fun. The flights, the suits, the hotels and their fancy food. Even answering the question ‘Business or Pleasure sir?’ But all of this fades away eventually and then soon enough you long to have a month without any work-related travel. Luckily for me, I’ve had this liberty since the last few months. Perhaps that is the reason for this post.

However, it’s not all bad though. In between these travels are many stories and people who have changed me over the last few years. Most of them have been memorable.

But those are for another post and another time.


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