20 f***ing 9
That age is mine.
20 f***ing 9
In my 20’s the last time.

20 f***ing 9
is when every single time
I really get annoyed
when people just sit and whine.
Most friends are now married.
Some of them even carried.
Not just family or friends,
but even ex-girlfriends are worried.

They think your life is sorted.
But I guess they haven’t got it.
‘coz a packed briefcase and bad airplane meals
isn’t what I wanted.
Friday nights you heard ‘on the house’.
Now its Netflix, but still in the house.
No valentine, maybe Ballentine.
Jim, Jack and Jameson,
are new friends of mine.

20 f***ing 9
you probably earn more.
Buy a car, maybe a home,
or just make your loans no-more.
A passport with blank pages,
Take that trip you’ve planned for ages.
If work is getting monotonous,
do your own thing, be ridiculous.
They say you’re running ‘outta time.
Give ’em 0 fucks
and maybe a slice of lime.

20 f***ing 9
so what if your 20s end?
It’s around now that Barney asked Robin,
Have you met Ted.

Ok so technically, it’s two  years since Barney asked Robin that question, but I’m gonna use poetic license to use grammar and facts to my advantage. If you have a problem, then I shall give you a slice of lime.


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