Day 3: Fatigue, Fort, fattgayi*…

I had it. I was too exhausted and irritated to carry on fighting any further. I finally gave up and lost the battle.

Alarm:7 Sangeet: 6

The fatigue from the previous day’s ride had got me. Bad roads till Panathur had ensured that my body ached all night. As I walked up to the mirror, I looked at myself. Exhausted, tanned and beaten. Definitely not the face of a tourist on a holiday.

It was a straight road from our hotel, Bekal International (which had nothing international about it) to Bekal fort. After riding for a few kilometres by the beach, we were soon parking our motorcycles in the parking area of the 17th-century fort. Constructed in 1650 AD by Shivappa Nayaka for fulfilling defence and other strategic requirements, the Bekal fort, in more recent times, has been a popular tourist spot in the Malabar region. The renowned director Mani Ratnam had also used it as a backdrop for the heart wrenching ode, Tu hi re… in his film; Bombay.

As we entered the fort, I tried to imagine, how different a landscape Bekal would have been. This fort would have been a monument standing lone in all its glory, with soldiers with watchful eyes observing the coast. Now, it was only me and a few other tourists clicking away pictures. One could perhaps see the Bekal fort in all its grandeur during the evening, when the tides rise high and come crashing against it’s walls only to retreat after admitting defeat against the old and mighty fort.



After an hour or so at the fort, we had brunch at the Vivanta by Taj, Bekal followed by nearly 2 more hours of sleep. Before 2:30pm, there we were, yet again on our motorcycles, headed to our next destination; Sakleshpur, via Mangalore. I shall not get into the details of this leg of the ride except for the picture below and a few points that follow.

09bgani-roads-touri_832239eThat is the route we took .So did EVERYBODY else (including lorries and buses)

  • It was past 8pm and I hadn’t eaten enough.
  • The condition of the roads were undeniably pathetic. There were ditches so big, that I often felt the road slip away from beneath the bike.
  • On many ocassions, I was caught in between two lorries, eating dust.
  • I have no idea how, but my key chain broke off midway.
  • Many a time, I almost lost control of the bike and myself (due to anger, hunger and frustration).
  • This was the worst leg of the entire ride.
*fattgayi (hindi): in this context refers to however you would have felt had you been riding with me on the bad roads mentioned above.

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  1. This post is bringing back memories of my trip to Bekal in 2012. I was in a car for my journeys and was only slightly more comfortable than you were on a bike! Now, I loved the comfort of Vivanta by Taj. That was the only thing that soothed my nerves along with watching the crashing waves coming in at the beginning of monsoon season.

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