Day 2, Night: Blitz to Bekal

Photo by Chris Leakey
Photo by Chris Leakey

As I rode my way through the forest, I could hear the streams flowing beside. It was pitch black and there were all sorts of sounds. Afraid whether I would come across a wild animal, I tried to speed along however, the low visibility and the bad condition of the roads kept that idea at rest. I lost track of Shenaz and was soon riding alone in the wilderness. I thought of my colleagues who were then attending the fashion show at the Annual Day celebrations back in Bangalore. Quite a contrast.

A few hours had passed and Shenaz had caught up. His bag was torn and had lost some cakes and bread that he had brought along from Madikeri. As we rode along in the darkness, a change in temperature and landscape was felt. The trees slowly gave way to shorter plants and then eventually fields. The roads were wider too. Only a few minutes had passed since these changes, when suddenly in front of me, three bright white stripes emerged on what seemed like a newly laid road. In a matter of seconds, the unmistakable sound of the RX 100 engine filled the air, and Shenaz overtook me in a flash.

Smiling to myself, I pulled down the visor, switched the headlamp to high beam and revved the throttle away on the circuits of Panathur.

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