Wild Winter Ride 3.0 : Welcome to the jungle

Day 2: Welcome to the jungle

The following morning, I woke up to the smell of filter coffee. After the first few sips, I already felt energized. Over some idlis for breakfast, we discussed the agenda for the day. As it was too sunny to go exploring Mandalpatti and too early for a scrumptious lunch at East End Hotel, we decided to visit Abbey falls and the Omkareshwara temple. Both lovely tourist spots (the latter less lovely than the former, but richer with history and folklore.) After lunch, we decided to hit the road again. To Kasargod via Bhagamandala.

We started towards Bhagamandala around 4pm. We departed Madikeri, banking along the curvaceous ghats and slowing down in order to not miss the small turn to Bhagamandala. What greeted us left me spellbound. Within minutes, I was transported into an entirely different world of varying contours and colours. Yellow fields, large green trees, dense forests, plantations in so many colours, orange, purple, blue… I stopped many a time to click many a picture. But no amount of focus can capture the raw beauty of the place. Tired of stopping repeatedly for photographs, I decided to stop once again, this time for longer. I parked my motorcycle beside the road and walked off, into the forest. Surrounded by dense trees, I felt a certain sense of familiarity, a certain calmness while I stood in silence and in gratitude.

Then my phone rang…


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