Day 1, Morning: Royal Relief

The two of us took the Kanakpura road that headed towards Mysore. Though this was the longer route, it was more scenic. We managed to leave the city before the rush hour began. Soon enough, we were riding along the beautiful, black, curvaceous, slender roads adorned with trees and fields on either side. The sun had risen and sunlight streamed through the trees onto the road and bounced off the chrome on my bike. The air was still very pleasant. Sights of school girls, holding hands and running up to the school bus greeted us. Their bags seemed heavy yet they had faces that were eager and happy. As I waved back at a few kids by the side of the road, I felt a strange sense of happiness.

I rode alone. There was no sight of Shenaz, but then again we were familiar with each other’s riding style. About two hours had passed, when I decided to stop beside a beautiful yet empty spot to click a few pictures. After a few customary shots of the place, myself and the motorcycle, I felt the need to remove excess water from my body. As  I packed my camera into the tank bag and chose a less beautiful spot to heed nature’s call, I heard a distant rumble. Before I could suspect my stomach, I glanced behind to see nearly twenty-five motorcycles, all of them, Harley Davidson, thumping away to glory, towards me. Caught in quite a moment of sorts, I wasn’t, well let’s say comfortable. The thumpers parked their rides on the same side of the road. Soon enough, I and many others were heeding nature’s call, standing in between, an Avenger and twenty-five Harleys.


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