Happy New Year

Halfway through the first month, I understand, that my timing is completely off, but nevertheless, wish me back you!

I have been trying to blog regularly. I’ve been trying very hard. There was even that, one time when my best friend decided to blog on a topic that I had planned for since almost a year. He even let me go ahead and post first but eventually realized, I was too lazy to do so. He blogged on the topic anyways and waited eagerly to read my version of the story.
I added a line and saved the draft.

Yup, I have been trying that hard to blog. Infact, I have 8 drafts in my WordPress folder right now.
So does this mean, that I would be regular with my posts from now on? 
Nope, not a chance.

The second half of 2012 was eventful. New job, new crib, met some lovely people, visited some amazing places and more importantly, learnt a couple of new things about myself.  I cook a mean macaroni and sausages, make a smashing cocktail using mango, vodka and chocolate and that I can ride a thousand kilometres into the wild, alone, on my motorcycle. I also learnt some not so pleasant things such as, I am no longer 22 and that I am not grateful enough to Bangalore, for what the water does to one’s hair. But all in all, it’s been a good year. I returned home after three years, started playing the guitar, learnt to cook, spent almost fifteen days in December travelling in and out of Bangalore. I welcomed the New Year swimming in the lovely waters of Gokarna, amidst some absolutely wonderful people. I experienced the most beautiful sunset of my life. Heard poetry from the lips of some of the most beautiful women in France. 2012 was the year I had planned nothing. 2012 was when I began striking off items in my bucket list, one at a time.

I, had also made a promise to a girl, I met on a train journey from Calicut to Bangalore. She was returning from her friend’s wedding, and so was I. She saw me, in my nostalgic self, scribbling a few silly lines in my notepad and asked if I did this every single time I travelled in a train, with a good looking girl beside me.
What followed was a night long conversation that I shall remember for a long time to come. In the end, before we parted ways, she asked me to mail her the rest of the silly lines. I promised her that I would.

So here they are, the silly lines you asked for. Remember, you have been warned.

Corner offices, power lunches,
transits between flights.
Three missed calls, six unread messages,
on my mobile device.

A friend from far,
and a girl from the bar,
my phone rings again.
Do I answer it now,
do I keep it for later,
the question pokes my brain.

With each passing age, I ignore the change
Friendship, I now have begun to gauge.
Familiar faces in distant places,
their numbers eventually fade.

From hugs to handshakes, and
from missed calls to pokes;
the transition has been smooth.
Nothing to say, nothing to write
emotions these never evoke.

As the screen blinks once again,
these thoughts, they begin to weigh.
My world shrinks, once more again,
when I pick up the call and say…

Oh and did I say, I survived 21st December 2012. My grandkids shall now hear how their grandad fought monsters and aliens and saved the Earth. 😉


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