Day 1, 11:45 pm

As I glanced in the rearview mirror I saw nothing but black. Upfront the only source of light was the one from the headlamp. Tall trees grew like walls on either side of the road. The road, It wasn’t great either. There were sections where the road was literally broken, and others which were still under repair.  My mind drifted back to Sirsi where Shenaz had turned down an AC room. His words were “The dude at the reception says all rooms in Sirsi are booked except for the one with the AC.  He thinks we are stupid. Ha!”

We were stupid.

Twenty minutes later every single room in Sirsi was occupied, thanks to the kadamba utsav (an annual two-day festival). The only option was to ride across 85 km of ghats to our hotel room in Gokarna. I had lost sight of the others since the last half hour. I had slept for only four of the past twenty-four hours. I was tired, hungry and scared, all at the same time. Just when I had almost given up, a glimpse of a blinking yellow light caught my eye. I figured it to be from the parking lights on Kiran’s Royal Enfield. I raced ahead to cross the hairpin bend. As I swerved to the left expecting to see Shenaz and Kiran with their bikes parked alongside the tall scary trees, I realized my mistake.

It was a truck, with a blinking indicator and it was headed straight at me.

To be continued…

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5 thoughts on “WILD WINTER RIDE 2.0 PART 1

  1. Seems it was wonderfull experience, Its needs real guts going 85kms in gats, thats in the night !!!!
    Hats off to you guys !!! I missed these experiences.. hope so i will also ride some time later in the life 🙂

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