You can always associate one of the following things with our kind.

  1. Curly hair
  2. Passport
  3. Alcohol

We chetanmaars (brothers) take our drinking seriously. Unlike some of our rivals from the north, we do not prefer the company of women, over, alcohol and a plate of kozhi roast (tandoori chicken). Nor, do we need a swanky pub for the perfect ambience. All we require is a “full” bottle, soda, and some mango pickle, to hold a session in drinking 101.

College is that time of life when everyone experiments and learns. Everyone except us. Then, is when we teach; The art of drinking. We are the life of every party. It is our moral obligation and personal responsibility that we and all around us get high and stay high. With us around, alcohol is never excess and too much is never too bad.

We never drink alone. For us, drinking is not a mere act or a pastime. It is a celebration of life. Yet, not a way of living. We understand the difference between a heavy drinker and an alcoholic which is why the bartender at any party would always be one of us. No-one understands alcohol as well as we do. No-one will.

Our pockets might be perennially empty, but our glasses never are.

Of all the kinds who drink, we drink the most and behave the best. We do not destroy public property or wake up the entire girls hostel after a round of drinks.

We believe that an old monk is more powerful than a hundred pipers.

Rule: All guys talk about their ex-girlfriends while drinking.

Exception: We guys talk about politics, socialism and the great, Mohanlal.

We are passionate about what we drink and how we drink. We don’t believe in drinking “just for the kick, yaar”. In fact, even though Harbhajan Singh slapped our bro, we believe in his motto and ask you the same “Have you made it large?”

So, come over and “get out”.  Learn something new. Experience the real good times. XXX quality.

Drink with a “mallu” today.



    1. Ok, Clearly you aren’t a malayalee.

      Mohanlal is one of the finest actors in Indian Cinema. If you are looking for some brief info. you could just google the name. But, to understand the awesomeness of this actor, you have to speak in person to a group of malayalees. 🙂

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