Don’t dos for an amateur interviewer

Taking interviews can be stressful and pain-staking. So, here are some quick tips for the amateur interviewer.

1. Don’t worry about the accent of the candidate.
Understand that India has more than 29 languages and god-knows-how many dialects. Different candidates will speak the same language differently. It is wise to not laugh when words like “ohh-fees” “kaaal-aedge” or “ishh-koool” are used.

2. Sometimes candidates switch to silent mode. This is how you must interpret them.

  • If you are an Indian female below 35, understand that this is the best compliment for your looks.
  • If you are an Indian female above 35, refer to the next point.
  • If you are an Indian male, your company pays too less.

You  make the candidate nervous.

Your company definitely, pays really less.

3. Don’t ask for the perfect answer more than twice.
Because some candidates who speak faster than they think, may go out on a limb and pop something like “Ok. If that doesn’t work, is there any other way I can satisfy you?” Extremely flattering, as it may seem, understand that they are referring to an alternate answer for your question and not for an alternate deal.

4. If you are interviewing candidates for your college club, understand that MTV auditions, aren’t good sources of inspiration for stress interviews. They just make you look like a fcukin jerk.

5. Dress appropriately: Dressing is as important for an interviewer as much for an interviewee.

  • Do not over dress.
  • Do not show a lot of skin.
  • Do not show even a little bit of skin, at the wrong places. The candidate need focus only on the question.

Also, if a certain dress code is followed in your organization, now wouldn’t be the time to mention it. Unless you have already mentioned that the pay is low, because by then, the candidate would have figured it out himself/herself.

6.Don’t offer him/her your snacks. Chances are high you may not be left with any for yourself.

7. Remember there are always, a gazillion growth opportunities at every position, in every organization.

8. Don’t flirt or exchange numbers with the candidate, ever. It gives you the false impression they will accept the offer letter, in case you make the offer.

9.And lastly the answer to the most important question “How’s the sex ratio in your firm?”

Golden rule: No matter what your company does, the answer is always 1:1, even if you work in a power plant, far away in a forgotten town, in India where ladies between the age 18 and 28 are apparently missing.


4 thoughts on “Don’t dos for an amateur interviewer

  1. very well said man….but plz…leave a hope for ppl like us..workin in a power plant, far away in a forgotten town, in India where ladies between the age 18 and 28 are apparently missing. 😛

    1. Why sumoy, i do. I sincerely hope the best in the world for you people. I have the faintest of idea what you folks go through.

      And that line is by Gaurav Gunjan.

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