The thing about life-changing decisions is that all of them seem to be the perfect thing to do while you’re taking them. Even if they aren’t, one’s subconscious plays the mind game and convinces oneself that it is the right decision. These decisions, however radical and significant, seem super smart while making them. However after a few hours, the real importance of our choice begins to sink in. In some cases they seem wise, in most cases, scary. We often come to a point where we realize that an important piece of information was overlooked. That’s when a few nervous souls go into overdrive, giving their choices a second thought. Some of them stop and choose the other choice. Some accept it was a mistake and start again. Some, however stick by their choice strongly. They choose to, because of determination but more importantly, because of hope. Hope is perhaps man’s last weapon, in his armory. Hope is fuelled by faith. The stronger the faith, the higher the hopes. Perhaps that’s why a billion souls hope for a victory every time Sachin Tendulkar walks into the ground. Had Dhoni, not had enough faith in himself, he wouldn’t have bat up the order, and hoped to seize the WC. Leaders aren’t men, who take the right decision. Leaders are those who take a decision and prove it right.

Never analyze your options more than what is required. A good friend once said, over-analysis leads to paralysis. It’s not possible to sit in a room and see yourself 10 years from now. Those who say, they saw, lied. They didn’t see, but they hoped. Only the ones that truly believe in themselves can achieve what they hope for. Hope and faith are inter-dependent. One needs to have faith to hope and some need hope to strengthen their faith. These are what life’s most important decisions are made of. A hope for a better life and the faith that we can achieve what we hope for. Hope and Faith.


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