Music influences everything. If not in a Hans Zimmer way, then in an Ilayaraaja manner. I find it wonderfully ubiquitous and subtle at the same time.  I believe there’s music in the sunshine, in that special someone’s laughter, and even in the most powerful 3 worded sentence in the world. Just as there’s music in everything that’s good, there’s music in bad too. Some listen to sad, heart-wrenching songs, after a bad break up, whereas other prefer a specific rock song, by puddle of mud. We often resort to music not just to express our emotions, but also to understand them.

Music influences us as individuals, our moods, our relationships, our sleep patterns and our work. It has the power to change one’s status update on Facebook. I may not hook up with someone, because she listens to lady gaga, and yet, I may bend the rules for a Katy Perry fan. Music, helps me introspect, retrospect and sometimes circumspect and not because my name means so, but because a structured arrangement of vocal tones knows how to work my mind. The lyrics have never really meant much to me. I always hear the hidden melody before the words. It’s the way my strings have been stretched.

There is a reason why A R Rahman is loved the world over.  Be it, his evergreen chotti si aasha or the ever inspiring OST for 127 hours, almost everyone ends up in awe of what this man has composed. That’s what true music really is; A language or a religion of it’s own.  It doesn’t have taboos or moral ethics. Music, in fact, shapes them. There is neither any kind of feudal system nor any high priest. One language, one spirit.

I do not intend to tell you about my favourite band nor do I want to influence the way you think about me. But If by now, you aren’t convinced that I’m insane, then I guess, you and I probably like listening to the same kind of music.



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