Venus and Mars


Just-got-engaged: (with eyes wide open) Look, at what he gave me?!!? 22 carat pure Gold!!
Single and looking: Oh my.. its amazing. Look how big it is.
In a relationship since 6 yrs: Sweet, but I hope he really loves you.
Just -got-engaged: Of course he does. Why would you say so?
In a relationship since 6 yrs: Well, if you ask me, you guys just met like yesterday. So am just looking out for you darling.
Single and bi: Don’t worry, he’ll love u and all. How’s he in bed?
Just-got- engaged: (eye wink).
Single and looking: (lost in dreams)You’re so lucky, how come I don’t meet such guys.
Divorced : Fuck this shit. Keep the ring, screw him, take the cash and run for it!!

Just-got-engaged: Guys, I proposed to her yesterday, and she said yes.
Single and looking: Wow that’s fast, but hey! Congrats dude.
In a relationship since 6 yrs: I admire your courage soldier. I still get cold feet
thinking about marriage.
Just-got-engaged: What do u mean. You’ve been with her since 6 yrs.
In a relationship since 6 yrs: Yea, I know, that’s why it’s a sticky situation. Am just hoping for the best, for you,  and me.
Gay : Oh my!! (sigh) That is sweet, but, just to be absolutely certain, there’s still a year for your marriage right?
Just-got-engaged: I don’t know. Date’s not fixed. A year seems long though.
Single and looking: You know what, you can be my wingman now. Hook me up with some hotties will ya?
Divorced: What’s wrong with you guys?  Haven’t you learnt anything. Screw her, break up, and switch the original ring with a fake one, while she’s asleep!!

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