Back in school, I was in a class of 45 students. There were 8 of us guys. The rest called themselves girls. Now, for an engineering student (especially from NITs and IITs)this would come 2nd place, in the “i want to be” list,  right under [Software Engineer, Google]. Anyway, here’s what I learnt then.

1992-2004: School

1. In any class vote, your (the minority) opinion will be the most sought after.

2. In a group that BIG, there’s always that 1 girl who will defeat you in an arm wrestling match.

3. If you are the class representative, there is no fucking way in hell, you would be able to keep this class silent.

4. You piss one girl off, and you’re branded for life! That one incident could be a topic of discussion for many reunions later on.

5. You like 1 female from your class–> You have broken another’s heart. (Doesn’t matter if your crush doesn’t like you, your still a Jerk.)

6. If you value your reputation one teeny weeny bit, never ever think, your a stud!!… NEVER!

7. They can never be united. Divide and Rule works perfectly. Well, at least the divide part of it.

8. Dare and Confess/Spin the bottle would be the best game you will ever play… till you hear of something called Counter-Strike.

2009: Office, Team of 15, 3 guys

  1. If you want to talk about the new, office babe with your female teammates, you will refer to her as dumb/ stupid/ idiot. “bi(A)tch” earns you brownie points.
  2. If they say they can’t code. They mean it. They will not try and you shouldn’t try convincing them either.
  3. You always keep an extra handkerchief. Your new “full stop” could be either of please, pretty, and chocolate.

4. You will avoid every single discussion that starts with “men”. They are likely to end with “bastards”.

5. You shall pray for forgiveness for the woman if she says “Whats the big deal with (the almighty) Sachin hitting a 200?”

I gotta admit, after writing the above, I can’t help but wonder what Bryan Adams meant when he sang “Have you ever REALLY loved a woman…”

(2004-2008): Undergrad Uni, I pursued my Bachelor’s in Engineering in Durgapur, in an institute far away in east India.


15 thoughts on “THE GIRLS I MET IN SCHOOL, COLLEGE AND AT WORK – and what they taught me

  1. well obviously you weren’t in an engg school if you had 37 girls and 8 guys.
    if you were in school,
    youd be in home economics or stitching class.

    But seriously,
    whats the big deal about sachin hitting 200 runs??[Thanks for informing about it here though]

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