1.> Sangeeta isn’t a guy’s name. But Sangeet is. You cannot be dumb enough to speak to a guy and ask him “Am I speaking to Sangeetha?”. I know, there may be exceptions, but let’s not think too much here people.

2.> I am not from Kuwait. I have never been to Kuwait. I’m from a small and beautiful city called Muscat, the capital of the Sultanate of Oman (or just Oman). Look it up.

3.> Dubai isn’t the only “country” in the middle east. (oh and I don’t live there either)

4.> Nobody, and I repeat NOBODY from my family is an Arab.

5.> My dad doesn’t work in an oil well. (and as we’re on similar lines) He doesn’t own one either.

6.> I am not a Tamilian and not everyone who speaks Tamil, is one.

7.> It’s been one and a half years since I left Reliance Energy. It doesn’t really matter anymore why I did so. (No, I wasn’t terrorized by the engineers or the villagers there)

8.> No matter what your reason is, I will so definitely abuse you in the same phone call if you ask for Sangeeta Somashekar, to hear about whatever credit card your selling.



  1. 8 things people just learnt :1.Hey..Lets put it this way – sangeet means music and music is genderless. So lets not bother asking he/she/it.2.Oman rocks and the biggest thing is capital of oman is not oman like the silly kuwait.3.Dubai isnt even a country…psst…. yeah UAE is !!!4.We havent seen you wearing those long suits …yeah u're right…5.But tell me does he own some people who own oil wells???6.C'mon give some respect to A.R.Rahman.7.You left reliance energy !!! Come again :P8.Never Call SS with any info regarding credit cards. Try selling baby diapers instead !!!

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