Just another scribble…

I scribble a lot. On notepads, desks, blackboards, any clean space for that matter. Most of them don’t make sense often. I was punished (had to stand facing the wall for half and hour 🙂 ) couple of times, for scribbling on the wall. You’re probably saying, been there, done that,  right now. Anyways, this is something I had scribbled away, on a napkin, that I recently found, at a CCD (Cafe` Coffee Day), in the city of Bangalore, once upon a time…

U brought me to my knees,
u gave me wings,
a feeling like never before,
fortified by the warmth of sunshine.

memories haunt me day and night,
days begin and end with you.
a constant search prevails,
for that call, message or sign.

unfazed by what happens,
a madness takes over,
blinds me. I see now,
what went wrong,
but I question its worth.

that one smile,
that one touch,
that one kiss,
the one sentence,
a second, a lifetime lived,
every single time, always.



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