It’s never over

It’s over.I think I’m done with this all. I don’t want to return to it ever again. Even if I want to, I can’t, so probably I won’t. It’s not an easy task. There are things in life that I would give and have perhaps given 100% to. Things, phases, moments that assure me positive returns. But then, why is it that I come back to some things, memories, tasks, later on, even when I’m fully aware that there is no assured gift involved. Why is it that what goes round, comes around?
They say, some relationships are no strings attached. But does such a bond (ironical isn’t it?) really exist?

Love, ex–> it’s over. But some special moments, emotions and feelings cannot be replaced, ever. Some believe they have lost it. What’s sad is, these feelings come back so many a time, perhaps with more strength, but we often refuse to accept them, often in the fear or being hurt, thereby hurting us and others.

First job–> Sucked BIG TIME, but nevertheless, the first break. While in the blues, we take motivation from how we survived then.

First fight–>got hurt, beaten, and fought back. Memory of the first slap always remains.

Sex–> Mostly it gets better, some times worse, but nothing like the first time. Often regarded as the perfect “no strings” relationship. Unfortunately, science says, emotions always exist, no matter how frozen one is (both emotionally and in bed).
Why is it that, we always return to something (consciously or unconsciously), we thought we had left for good. Question is, when is it, that we actually move on. How do we know it’s over, la fin!?

There is but of course one answer to this all, (perhaps another reason, in my friend’s words)

Everything will be ok in the end. If it’s not ok, it’s not the end.

And with that I “return” to another one of my complicated relationships, my blog, Bangalore Blues…

Seen on someone’s status message: Life is like a Negro’s left a*se. It ain’t fair, it ain’t right.


8 thoughts on “It’s never over

  1. dude, aftr v wrote tht on ur wall, da ok phrase became very popular.. evn in oso, da same thing was repeated again n again.. life sux.. evry1 knws.. but, hw much of u remain abv da ground mattrz… thts wat v all r fitin 4..

  2. sad tht gifts or returns wer expected in d picture….n yea everythin wil b ok in d end – endin is wht is required many times to makes it OK.its over weneve u act think so…cheer up dude!!!!!!

  3. @phantasmagoria: There weren't any returns expected,(hoped for, yes) unlike in many cases. Thats what confuses me, as to why we do things,many a time, without expecting anything in return, just to live the moment perhaps ..? and ur take on ending..doesnt work always…but then, dats me 🙂

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