A revival of hope, love and life

It’s amazing what the combination of wind, music and sunlight, in perfect proportions can do when you’re feeling the blues. I was feeling it; The Bangalore Blues. 😛 I was in a pathetic state. So pathetic that the sun annoyed me. I hated the rain. I felt cold, isolated, and downright hopeless. I wanted to yell, wanted to fight, I wanted to shoot someone!! A week has gone by. What’s happened in this one week? Absolutely nothing at all. The situations are still the same. The past week has been nothing short of an emotional roller-coaster. I wanted to smoke, drink, and run. I wanted to take it all out on my body. That way no one would get hurt. Heck, even the gym was locked (some crazy theory by the society president). I didn’t know what to do. I blogged, I wanted my friends. I longed for those meetings I had attended way back in the 3rd year, on those moonlit nights, on top of the hall 1 mess. (Tippu named us the Priory of Sion!! I thought it was more like the hopeless army of the hopeless Sultan!!). To think, I used to walk all the way from hall 4, to discuss, brainstorm, and find solutions to the problem at hand. We never found the perfect solution. But I do cherish those terrace talks and those midnight walks. I missed you guys then. I wanted to talk to someone. My BIG roomie, came forward, tried. I appreciate him for that. But there are some things that you only feel like telling your best friends. Man, I was hopeless…

Then, Alok called (A godsend). We spoke and spoke. I don’t know for how long. But every minute was worth it. It was exactly what I wanted. Not a bucket load of advice on my life or my love life, but…heck, I don’t even remember what we spoke. But that did the trick. It set the wheels in motion, although I was unaware then. Thanks a lot, dude!

I now sit, on my terrace, listening to The Scientist by Coldplay, as the wind blows in my face. It’s so powerful and good that I don’t wish to run away anymore. I stand on the parapet and face the wind. The blues are blown away into the blue sky. There is something refreshing about the air today. That’s when I realize how silly I was. I see the light. A revival, of hope, love & life. I’m doing great. I feel great. Everything seems so right. Heck, I even feel India will win the T20 World Cup again!! Nothing can go wrong, nothing should, and nothing would. I look up from my laptop. The sun is shining and then I realize, I love my sunshine. 😉

P.S: A special thanks, to all you wonderful people who still read my blogs, no matter how annoying, confusing or silly they are. Thanks for personally coming up to me and telling me what you liked and what you thought. Thanks a lot!

Have fun!


6 thoughts on “A revival of hope, love and life

  1. i get hw u feel.. i feel da same way n des a lot in common wen u stand in ur terrace n think abt da things tht went by.. i still feel v guys have more dan dose 4 yrs 2 spend wid.. life is fun.. lets ride it..

  2. Chillax Dude !!One more thing be it success or failure face it head on, dont postpone things that will make things worse !!Just dump your Ego and you be the one first to talk cos lack of communication will lead to mis understanding , and more ppl will team up to butt in n screw your ass 100 % assured, so to avoid all dese do talk n do your best !!@ Tippu !Yeah i feel xactly the same thing , but dont know if we ppl will feel the same way even after settling down.

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