Life ain’t a love story

STATUTORY WARNING: Contains profanity and ethical hedonism

ain’t a love story

It’s like those days, when u feel something pathetic is in the air. It’s like those days, when u feel nothing is working out the way you want. You are addicted to it and is consuming you even though you are the one breathing the air in. Consciously, you know you are killing yourself softly, but its way out of your control. It’s your brand of heroin, yours and yours only.

Some fight over, what to call it by. Some ponder over its necessity in one’s life. There is no consensus though. Lives have been lost over it. I will lose mine, you will lose yours too. There are those, who go through it so many a time, always ending up beaten, lost and hurt.

Aware of it all, why is it that we still crave for it, deep inside (if not openly), in the darkest places of our heart, for that 1 drop of poison, drug, passion, madness maybe?

There are times, when the human mind is certain about what it wants and what is good for it. I say, at times, because more often than not, the decisions we make, regardless of right or wrong, are made on a sub conscious level. I think a lot, too much actually. I didn’t think twice this time, I knew what I wanted, and I fought for it. There were signs all around me. Signs which worked against me. Paulo Coelho, you were wrong. The world wasn’t helping me to attain what I wanted. At every step, every move of mine, I was thrashed down. My strengths amazed me, such madness, such will power, I kept moving forward. These are times when u need your friends the most. Fuck, they couldn’t reach me. Some who could, said it’s a lost battle, said I’ll be burned down. Hell, they didn’t know shit! Fuck them!!

to be contd…

Judgments would be made, over the words written above. Mis-interpretations galore. I open up the space to hear everyone out for it is you to whom I look up for guidance. For I have to keep my head steady, before I’m consumed in this labyrinth to eternal bliss…

P.S: Telling any of your friend to fuck off is uncool…l am sorry.


15 thoughts on “Life ain’t a love story

  1. bangalore blues.. rite title.. and life aint a love story is nt apt.. cos, love stories arent smooth, jus like life.. roller-coasters setup all around u.. smtimes in life, many times 4 me, v feel all hallucinated in a closed room and da walls of room shrinkin in size.. all u hav is a light 4m a candle and u fight wid it 4 existence.. one half of u says blow da candle 2 save oxygen, while da othr says i need light 2 escape.. its a tuf choice.. yet, v luk up n ask in joey’s style “Why??” der r no answers to such pandora’s box.. u die.. reborn and again cast into da same hallucinated state of [M L T] knwn as life.. it happens 2 evry1 n no1 thinks of it wen they r happy or sad.. they all think of it wen its extreme.. be it happiness or sadness..

  2. Well I don’t really get the analogy that is supposed to exist in the title.Was there so much of love through out Ur life that u actually thought both r same (yea before u thought life aint a love story :P) or is it bcoz in a short period of time u got too much of it n felt so.It is a roller coaster ride more bcoz of d way love, life n time are intricately n beautifully bound :)All of us crave for it bcoz of the momentarily bliss that v get which makes many feel its life.No u wont get lost or consumed in this labyrinth to eternal bliss not until u have these frnds whom u have bestowed with so much of love n respect in this blog of urs..n yea obviously not until u have ur love :Penjoy 🙂

  3. This blog isnt only for higher intellectuals. I am not one, myself. It deals with the same emotions that everyone feels.And yes, phanta i like ur explanation “All of us crave for it bcoz of the momentarily bliss that v get which makes many feel its life.”The rest, well..we’ll see.

  4. This is nt filosofical… but jus an opinion…C wotever happiness u’ve eve felt u feel it thru ur senses… be it tasty food, a nice scenery, a fashion show, a perfume, Music, and comes d fornication [sorr if dis offends u wen u ver talkin abt love i’ll take it @ the end…] Fornication is nothing but a feast 2 all your senses in a compact combi pack! Humans have grown 2 possesive of happiness that they startd to posses everything that feeds their happiness… this possession n possessiveness alone leads to human suffering… Animals rnt humane and they dont even possess deir next meal… but they never undergo emotional atyaachar !! Yeah now am comin bak to Love.. A True Lover suffers because he never sees his love as an object of possession but a mutual and independent being… Love IS GREAT!! LOVE IS GOD!! I agree but for winning your Love u’ll need to do whatever it takes, u’ll need to come back to your low basic human instinct of possesiveness… Love n winning your Love is altogether different things cos love can be mutual but winning your love is a matter of rite time, place and persuation and some lady luck !!

  5. My god, ur an idiot with a dictionary in ur hand !!.. Pyschological hedonism ?!! wtf is that ?!.. What were u smoking when you wrote this ?.. Shut up and write simple stupid stuff…Stop worrying !!!

  6. Omg 15 comments!! :OAdi.. I guess we are the only 2 "not-so-highly-intellectual" guys over here!! (AND I THANK GOD FOR THAT!! 😛 )btw psychological hedonism over here CAN MEAN "not suitable for children".. dats what I guessed.. didn't bother googling…

  7. on a serious note…I shall not argue against it from the supposed impossibility of infinite succession, barely and absolutely considered in itself; for a reason which shall be mentioned hereafter: but if we consider such an infinite progression, as one entire endless series of beings can have no cause from without, of its existence; because in it are supposed to be included all things that are or ever were in the universe: and ’tis plain it can have no reason within itself, of its existence; because no one being in this infinite succession is supposed to be self-existent or necessary (which is the only ground or reason of existence of any thing, that can be imagined within the thing itself, as with presently more fully appear), but every one dependent on the foregoing: and where no part is necessary; ’tis manifest the whole cannot be necessary; absolute necessity of existence, not being an outward, relative, and accidental determination; but an inward and essential property of the nature of the thing which so exists.

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