I’m in Muscat. Yes, after nearly 9 months, I have finally returned home, to meet my wonderful family. Feels great to be back home. It’s like a well-deserved break. Though technically, I wasn’t doing much work in Bangalore, nevertheless, it’s a well-deserved break. It feels amazing to be back here. Muscat is as hot as ever, though it rains nowadays. New malls, new hangouts, new rumours. Muscat and the people here haven’t changed one bit.

I always thought that once I start earning, most things would change. As in Dad, would consider my suggestions and advice in matters of the family. I thought that perhaps Mom would let me spend for the family. I’d thought that my sister wouldn’t fight or talk back to me, now that she knows, I’m the second earning member in the house. But as the saying goes ‘who cares what Sangeet thinks?’. Dad still thinks I’m immature, irresponsible and lazy. Mom thinks that I think too high about my salary(I really can’t blame her for that). As for my lil’ sis, she still punches me, irritates me, but doesn’t talk back anymore. She only yells.
Things don’t change I guess, once one starts earning. They just add up to your parent’s concern as in

“Do you have any idea what you’re going to do with your money?”
“Yea I do”
“Higher studies, savings, investments..you know..”
“Stop throwing some random words here and there, do u have a plan?”
“Not now, but I assure you I will.”
“You’re still the same. Waiting until the last minute to do things… You’re still irresponsible. Would you ever change?”
deafening silence

The climate’s gone for a toss, markets are crashing, people are losing money, but my family hasn’t changed one bit. I thank god for it. Thanks for keeping them safe. I also thank all my well-wishers for praying for me in whatever way. I pray for them and their families, and I hope God keeps all of them safe and happy.
I hope you guys never change


P.S: Well, except for you fatties. You guys gotta do something about weight loss, and soon. Trust me its way far from easy.


6 thoughts on “ME IN MUSCAT

  1. I feel whatever the author has written applies to all of us out here..Saving is Nil for me till date.. hope I shall start soon 😦

  2. savings..?? “err..” higher studies..?? “errr..” plan..?? “errr..” glfriends..?? “yeah yeah..lots”.. thts us.. no amt of gdwill thot cn evr change us..

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