The great indian hook up..

Hum aur Tum

Few days ago, I met this guy from college. The last time I saw him, he was wailing like a baby.(It was the last day in college, but wailing.. really??) The conversation went something like this..

Friend: Hey!!! bro..Hi man, long time no see..
Me: Hey friend, am good re. How about u? yea, quite a long time…

Friend: So where are you working?
Me: ‘silly s/w company’.

Friend: I heard you’re committed.
Me: No man..

Friend: Don’t hide the secret from me .I know you’re committed. It’s the talk of the town. Everyone knows about it.
Me: Cool, glad you guys do.

Friend: So tell me, where is she from?
Me: Planet about something else dude….

Friend: I know she is from around here. U are committed. Now you will forget all your friends. You will forget me too.
Me: (to myself) I never remembered you were here in the first place.

Why is my relationship status is the first few questions people ask me. No one asked me back in college. There are folks who call all the way from U.S. just to know, whose going out with whom, and whose cheating whom. I mean, wow, gossip does connect people. All you need is a rumor about you going out with somebody, just about anybody. And before u know it, you would be answering calls from god knows where, justifying the one sighting some jobless fellow made of you shaking hands with a girl in a mall. You’re suddenly , what everyone’s talking about. It’s fun initially, but then it gets boring, and silly.

Step 2. Thanks to all this hype, you start joking about it with the girl. She laughs it off. You think, could it be..?

3. You plan your first date, but things backfire at the last minute, due to some urgency that had to come up at that very time.

4. Two days later you check orkut. Every college community, is speaking about the 101 dates you and your female acquaintance has been on.

5. The female sees these posts.( Apparently your friends have spread your fame far
and wide that they have reached her friends, who apparently like your friends begin pulling her legs too.)

She approaches you to talk about it. She talks, you listen. She talks, you talk. You talk, she listens. She wants you to talk more. And before you know it, you’re talking with her on the phone. You’re going out with her, enjoying yourself.

Maybe friends aren’t that bad after all… 🙂

Seen on a temple in south India: It is forbidden to enter a woman, with or without slippers.



2 thoughts on “The great indian hook up..

  1. hahaha.. personal exp do lotta talkin.. I was lucky tht she was away tht day, varna meri lag jaathi.. it is nt tht u r goin out wid a gl tht does most of the talkin, its jus tht da rest of othrs cudn find 1 to freak out wid.. u r @ da receivin end of frustration of guys in US who cnt do a thing although they r entitled to and also guys in India, who cnt find a thing to do although they want to.. so, chill out n njoi wat u do n to hell wid da world..

  2. I kinda get the feeling the 'Friend' with whom you were having the conversation is ME!! Also:[i]4. Two days later you check orkut. Every college community[/i] => You referring to the Coolest guy comm right!?Point # 5 => [b]You are soooo in LOVE!![/b]

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