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Hello World

Agreed that it’s been ages since I blogged. I tried to though, every single day. But I couldn’t get something solid whatsoever. For those who missed out two of my blogs in between, well, read them if it’s the last good thing you want to do today. For newcomers, I am popularly known as RJ, Mallu Gunda, Rj Madhan, Manmadhan, and occasionally called Sangeet. Everyone has a story. Mine’s mapped out like
Govt. hospital, kerala—>Indian School Muscat—> NIT Durgapur—>Reliance Energy—>Wipro Technologies—->???

Where next? Probably, rather hopefully, the best b-school in the world. What am I doing here? Doing what I actually got a degree in…bakar kaat-ing/bhaant maar-ing. Not the next J.K. Rowling, or Chetan Bhagat, but yea, the first Sangeet Somakumar.

This, I hope isn’t another one of my experimental blogs, which would soon rest in peace after a few posts. And while you’re pulling out the last remaining strands of black hair on your head, you could divert all that energy ‘C n C’. Most importantly, I solemnly pledge to reduce the length of my posts, so as not to steal customers from sleeping pills manufacturers in the city. Speaking of which, I myself haven’t been getting enough sleep lately. ‘Sleepless in Bangalore, could make a film with that name…Bangalore, quite aptly, called the city of babes n booze, of which only the latter seems to be attainable to (innocent, spectacled, java speaking individual who saves up his 30k salary for nothing) me. Been working in this silly company for the past 8 months now and still haven’t understood why they call all this silly coding and copy paste methods as work. But who cares, as long as I’m getting paid. In short, my life is like many others, boring, monotonous…sometimes a b*tch. But I love it. And you should love yours too. Live it, Love it.


P.S: btw ‘CnC’ stands for Comments n Criticism. Now is when you add them!


5 thoughts on “The Hello World Blog

  1. dude.. whats the meaning of sleepless nights.. is it due to mosquitoes in your room or some girl..rumours floating about u getting committed.. is it true.. anyways keep up the good work.. keep blogging

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